Get the most out of your Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera

V3 is out now!

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One Little Remote 3 is now out!

The One Little Remote is rig-mountable and gives you instant access to the following settings of your micro camera:

  • Start and Stop recording (Micro Cinema Only),
  • IRIS,
  • Focus,
  • White balance
  • ISO,
  • Zoom (with supported lens),
  • Shutter angle,
  • Audio levels.
  • Auto exposure,
  • Auto focus
The One Little Remote also gives you 2 focus stops with variable speed control and is BLUETOOTH enabled and can be controlled via MOBILE APP for iOS and Android.

Includes 25cm cable and mounting bolt.

Now suitable for drone use in either pairs of remotes or you can purchase the dedicated One Little Receiver coming out next month.  After this batch is sold out the RF module will be an added extra so be quick as stocks are limited.

Works with both the Blackmagic Micro Cinema and Micro Studio (4K) Cameras.

Quick tutorial and introduction to the One Little Remote V3

Instructions on using the One Little Remote with its latest firmware.

Download One Little Remote Instructions
Breakout box

Includes Lanc, Comp Video, BNC reference, DC power, USB

It'sĀ also a break-out box!

The One Little Remote has the following ports on the back:
  • RCA composite video out,
  • BNC reference line in,
  • LANC control line in,
  • 12V DC power in - lets you run your micro camera off mains power.
The One Little Remote gets its power from the expansion port on the Micro Cinema Camera and also can receive power through the DC socket when being used with the Micro Studio Camera.

Mobile app control up to 80 metres

The remote has a BLE controller that can live update all functions of the remote and control focus and focus stops.

Check out the video below for a demonstration of the app.

Video of first iteration of the One Little Remote Mobile app.

The One Little Remote mobile app instruction manual.

Download OLR 1-1 app manual

Updateable firmware

I am constantly improving and adding new features to the remote and will be building more peripherals that the remote will be able to control.