One Little Remote update firmware

To update the One Little Remote software do the following:

1) Save the the latest version of the One Little Remote software to your computer (note where you save it). The latest version is 2.1. Purchasers of the One Little Remote can request the software from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2) Download and run the Windows Teensy.exe software or the Mac OS X version

NOTE: on Windows computers you may have to right click the Teensy.exe icon and choose 'Run as administrator' the first time you use it.  Answer Yes or OK if you are prompted by windows to continue running the program.

The Teensy.exe program screen looks like this:



3) Once Teensy Loader is installed, remove the top cover from your One Little Remote (you will need a small screw driver to remove the four screws). The top cover is the cover opposite the red led on the front panel,

4) Plug the USB and DC power cable (use the transformer that comes with your camera) into the back of your One Little Remote, ensure the power is on,

5) Plug the USB cable into your computer, the driver for the One Little Remote controller board (called a Teensy) will load,

6) Go to the Teensy application you started in step 2 and choose File, then Open Hex File,

7) Browse to the OLRvxxx.hex file that was emailed to you, highlight it and click Open,

8) In the Teensy application got to Operation menu and choose Automatic Mode,

9) Press the button on the top of the Teensy controller inside the remote as per the following image, a dialog box that reads "Programming" will appear for a moment then disapper.

Your remote is now updated. To test simply hold the left button down for 2 seconds and the led should flash.  You can now unplug and put the lid back on.



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