Bogan Boots

 Tropfest 2015 Entry

DOP, Editor, SFX

Bogan Boots is a short film written, directed and produced by Christina Hogarth.  It's the story of a young boy whose father bans him from football fearing it is turning his son into a bogan. Fingers crossed it makes the shortlist!  


Relationship Updates

Tropfest 2014 Shortlisted

Writer, Director, DOP, Editor, Producer

Two online lovers take their budding romance to the next level but their physical rendezvous is fraught with peril and they might need to look up from their mobiles if they want to make it to true love.


Innovation - Corporate Video


Writer / Producer

Short film I wrote and produced on behalf of Mind Australia.

The brief was to get people thinking about what innovation is and to inspire.  All footage and a music is royalty free stock. 

Innocent Mistakes

Short Film

Writer, Director, Editor, Producer

Stacey and her daughter are terrorised by Stacey's violent partner. How far will a mother go to protect her child and will an innocent mistake bring them all unstuck.


Measure of Success

48 Hour Film Project

Phil's Acting Debut!  

Thomas Cox attends a speed dating night where the only other attendees, his ex wife and his arch nemesis, hit it off.


Spook on the Loose

Tropfest 2014 Shortlisted

SFX Supervisor

Two lady scam artists force a captive ghost to frighten unsuspecting victims into using their expensive Spook Busting service. 

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