Bogan Boots

 Tropfest 2015 Entry

DOP, Editor, SFX

Bogan Boots is a short film written, directed and produced by Christina Hogarth.  It's the story of a young boy whose father bans him from football fearing it is turning his son into a bogan. Fingers crossed it makes the shortlist!  

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Not much more to say at this stage. It was submitted and we find out early November if it has made the shortlist.
This micro budget film was made possible with the help of the following cast and crew:

Jamaal   Jamaal
Father   George Ishkander
Neighborhood Girl   Aijah Glenn
Bogan Princess   Sienna Stass
Written/Directed/Produced   Christina Hogarth
Cinematography/Editor/SFX   Philip Lemon
Sound Recording   Yama Daji
    Rebecca Feiner
Sound in Post   Liam Lawler
1st Assistant Director   Melanie Jacobsen
Runner/2nd Assistant Director   Kane Richardson
Voiceover commentator   Norman Doyle
Runner   Lana Rose
Set Design   Jeanie Hague Smith
    Rebecca Feiner
Gaffer   Benjamin Bellette 
    Reza Zaki
Bogan Aparaitions   Kane Richardson
    Rebecca Feiner
    Jeanie Hague Smith
Special Thanks    Mark Richards 
    Nick Pitsas
    Jeanie Hague Smith


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