Celebrity Smack

Mobile Game

Game Developer

This fast and funny mash-up of Fruit Ninja and Whack-a-mole deals with the most pressing question of our time...who is "The Greatest Celebrity of Them All?".

Find out the answer to this most ancient puzzle by smacking bobble-headed cartoon celebrities and catching their loot while avoiding kittens and bodyguards. Playing well earns you tokens that unlock more celebrities. Collect 99 tokens to answer that all important question.

This is great little app includes a funky soundtrack and humorous upgrades like buttlers and paparazzi and the legendary "Thor Smacker". Try and guess who the celebrities are based on from the loot they throw out and by their catch phrases.

Get the app from Google Play store.

This was a challenging project as it was my first totally solo games development. I performed all tasks including modelling and animating the characters, programming the game logic, music selection and managing all the promotional activities. Would I do it again? Maybe :) The app has received a lot of nice reviews (crazy but true).

Along the way I had a few issues with Apple. Read my heartfelt letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook regarding Apple's ongoing rejection of my app. 

Screen Shots From The Game

  • Boss fight
  • Celebs revealed
  • Discount combo
  • Gameplay condomania
  • Gameplay level1
  • Gameplay rush hour
  • boss fight
  • celebs revealed
  • discount combo
  • gameplay condomania
  • gameplay level1
  • gameplay rush hour


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